Monday, 20 August 2012

How we make vegetable pizza in microwave

    1.Two ready made pizza base
    2.One and half cup grated pizza cheese
    3.Half onion, half green capsicum(chopped in
         square pieces)
    4. few olive
    5.One tomato cut it into 8 pieces
    6.Two table spoon corn kernels

Tomato spread :-
         1.One table spoon oil
         2.One table spoon garlic paste
         3.Half cup ready made tomato puri
         4.Two table spoon tomato ketchup
         5.One table spoon oregano
         6.Half table spoon salt
         7.Half table spoon black pepper
                          For tomato spread , put all the ingredients of the tomato spread in a bowland microwave for two and half minutes.Spread it on each pizza base, leaving the edges.

Arrange some vegetables.Sprinkle some salt,pepper cheese and oregano.Arrange a few vegetable on top.Place pizza on the low rack.

Put pizza in the ovan preheated at 250degree centigrade.and baked for 8 minutes.Alternately ,you can use the grill mode also.First brush bottom of pizza base with oil and grill with bottom side up on the greased tawa placed on a high rack for three minutes till crisp.Put tomato spread and then topping.grill again for  four minutes.

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